Savers build long-term capital cushions for the future. In times of low interest rates and fluctuating markets, this is not a good time for high returns. Targeted investments, on the other hand, can pay off much faster in the long term.

Thanks to their investment in new technologies and ideas, numerous former start-ups are much more successful today than they were a few years ago or own a large share of the market – such as prime examples Amazon or Apple.

Thanks to today’s technological advances, investing has become easier, more accessible and more convenient, allowing more companies to benefit. The downside: it also carries significantly more risks.

The development of digital technologies in recent years has made (market) information more readily available and much more up-to-date than it was in the days of purely analogue sources – especially in the areas of fraud detection, cross-selling, risk management and customer retention. It is important to make use of this.

Digitalization supports the financial development of the company

Companies that are at the forefront, so to speak, of their own digital business processes therefore benefit not only from the development of new business models, but also from improved customer knowledge and market information.

Those who invest in tomorrow’s processes today will be in a better position in the long term – technologically in competition and also financially through targeted relief and streamlining of resources.

CRM systems offer many opportunities for a worthwhile digital transformation. Integrated artificial intelligence supports realistic development forecasts and possible approaches to optimization. In this way, an investment pays for itself again shortly after implementation.

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