With the advent of new technologies, many new opportunities suddenly opened up for a wide range of industries. For example, artists were able to express their creativity in a whole new way through digital applications, and game developers also created completely new forms of entertainment and digital experiences, for example through virtual realities.

Technologies paved the way early on for information systems, which are indispensable for seamless data storage in health care and public authorities, among others. Through permanent further development, digitalization has become an important part of our modern life and also in the development of companies and business processes.

Automation and CRM systems promote business development

The advantage: thanks to digitalization, versatile technologies are now often integrated into the operational activities of a company, which significantly increase efficiency and yield. Existing people-controlled processes, for example on production lines, can be better monitored through the addition of digital measuring devices and sensors and sources of error can be detected promptly before potential disruptions occur in the process.

Data is automatically sent to a main server and improves communication across all channels. Data accuracy is increased and the need for additional resources is reduced. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems start at the administration level.

CRM systems help to capture (potential) customers and reach them through data that is always relevant. CRM has been proven to improve business relationships through real-time data collection and location-independent availability. Digitization thus provides considerably more efficiency in customer service, sales, marketing, recruitment and business development.

Many CRM systems, such as ITVT’s solutions, can be integrated into existing sales and administration systems. A flood of administrative paperwork will be a thing of the past in the future.

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