Preventing customer churn in a targeted approach

Losing customers is part of everyday life in companies. It is therefore all the more important to counteract this so-called customer churn in advance. Sectors such as telecommunications providers, companies with a strong focus on consumer customers and also industrial companies often suffer particularly from a rapid loss of customers.

Studies always reveal the same reasons for customer loss:

• Staff behaviour and lack of customer service due to changing or non-existent contact persons.
• Lack of transparency in the design of price/performance ratios
• Increased waiting and processing times
• Insufficient problem-solving competence

The customer life cycle from acquisition to ongoing support is simply not taken into account. Often due to lack of resources and time, precious capital is wasted.

To counteract this, an understanding of the topic of customer loyalty is needed. Systems such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) from Microsoft Dynamics365 have a supporting effect here.

Through the integration of the corresponding software, the automation to collect data and their integrated evaluation, it is possible to establish an effective churn management in a resource-saving way and to bind customers in the long term.

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