Good user interface simplifies implementation

The user interface is the first thing users see in a software application – whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet or desktop. From the graphic design to the interactive elements, the user interface has a huge impact on the user experience and affects mood and performance, especially when working with tech devices on a daily basis.

Like any software, customer relationship management (CRM) systems have a user interface. With a simple and understandable layout, data can be easily collected and processed by the user. Even without special technical knowledge.

A good user interface is characterized by features such as consistency, transparency, a clear and intuitive navigation design. In addition, well visualized insights can be provided for monitoring own processes and improving business performance.

Companies that use a CRM system such as Microsoft Dynamics365 usually already benefit from the intuitive user interface. Advantage: when employees quickly find their way around systems, the acceptance of digitalization within the company structures is significantly higher. Motivation increases, everyday life is simplified and the use of resources is reduced.

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